Install and Configure Everbridge App

The Everbridge App is available for both Apple (iOS 10 and later) and Android (Android OS 4.4.2 and later) devices.  You can install the App on as many devices as you would like and then respond from any of those devices.

If you cannot install the Everbridge App, please see Customize from Member Portal to add additional contact information.

  1. Search for Everbridge in the Apple App Store or Google Play Store on your mobile device.
  2. Get the App, Install, and open the app and select Login.
  3. Select Allow when you are asked if "Everbridge" would like to send you notifications.
NOTE: On some Android Devices, you may be prompted to allow Everbridge to access Photos, Media & Files.  You may select Allow or Deny as it does not affect the functionality of Alert WesternU
  1. Click on "Find Organization or Subscription".  Enter "Alert WesternU".  Click on Search. Click on Western University: Alert WesternU.
  2. Enter your Western Login information. 
  3. Enter the following in the Single Sign-on Key Phrase: AWU2018 (Case-Sensitive) and select Continue.
  4. On the Single-Sign On page enter your Western username and password to sign in, and select the Login button.
  5. Once logged in, set your preferences as follows:
    1. Always Share My Location – Yes *
    2. Allow Push Notifications – Yes
    3. Priority Tone & Nonpriority Tone – select tones that are unique and will get your attention
    4. Leave all other settings at Default
    5. Select Done
NOTE: On iOS Devices, if you do not allow Location services at the time of installation, you need to navigate to Settings>Privacy>Location Services>Everbridge and change your location preferences there.
  1. To ensure you are receiving all notifications from Alert WesternU, tap on the menu in the top left corner of the Everbridge App
    1. On this screen tap Settings at the bottom
    2. Tap on the “Switch Account” button and then select “All”
    3. When you first exit out of the App, on Apple Devices, you will get asked to Allow "Everbridge" to access your location.  Choose Always Allow

* Sharing Location in the Everbridge App acts like a beacon during Emergencies letting Emergency Services isolate you for location specific messaging.  Alert WesternU will never track or record your location outside of an Emergency.

Alert WesternU will be tested three times annually: the first Wednesday in October; the last Wednesday in January; and Wednesday in Emergency Preparedness Week in May.

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