Frequently Asked Questions

What is Alert WesternU?

Alert WesternU is Western University’s emergency mass notification and crisis communication system.

How do I customize my Alert WesternU account?

All Western students, faculty and staff with a current email address, including the affiliates, will automatically be subscribed to the system and receive email notifications. If you had customized notification settings in the previous version of Alert WesternU that same functionality is available in the new app. In the coming weeks, additional options for further customization will be made available.

When will I start receiving alerts?

As of May 1, 2023 and only in the event of a campus-wide emergency.

When will the system be tested?

Two times annually: the first Wednesday in October and February.

Who is OnSolve MIR3?

OnSolve ( is a leading provider of critical communication solutions used by many governments and higher education organizations. Western selected OnSolve after a competitive acquisition process.

Is the data stored in OnSolve MIR3 safe?

Yes. OnSolve MIR3 stores the following information: First name; Last name; email address; and whatever other information you provide, in an encrypted state. Third parties will never be granted access to the solution or client data. The Canadian data centre is not replicated to the United States

Can I opt-out of receiving emergency notifications?

No. Anyone with a email address will receive critical campus community safety messages.

How does Alert WesternU work?

Alert WesternU issues important safety messages in the event of a community-wide emergency to the entire Western campus. 

Why should I share my location in the OnSolve MIR 3 Mobile App?

Sharing your location in the OnSolve MIR 3 Mobile App acts like a beacon during emergencies letting emergency services isolate your location for specific messaging.  Alert WesternU will never track or record your location outside of an emergency.

When will I receive Alert WesternU notifications?

You can expect to be notified in the event of an imminent danger, campus evacuation or closure, weather emergencies (tornado), or critical university status updates.

Why does Western need an emergency notification system like Alert WesternU?

Campus Safety and Emergency Services, Communications and Western Technology Services recognized the need for an improved emergency communications strategy for Western. Western now has centralized and coordinated access to the entire campus community in the event of an emergency.

What can I do if I am visually or hearing impaired?

Contact to make arrangement for accommodations.

If an emergency notification is sent out, is there a guarantee I will receive it?

When Alert WesternU is activated, the system will make several attempts to reach your registered contacts. Western does not assume legal responsibility for technical difficulties which may result in notification failures. Please ensure you are running the most current version of the OnSolve MIR3 mobile app.

Who can I contact for more information?

For more information about Alert WesternU please contact